Love is the only Magic

Merlin Said - by Patrick Murfin Love is the only magic.
It enriches the giver as it nourishes the object.
It serves the instant, and washes over the ages.
It is as particular as the moon and as universal as the heavens.
If it is returned it is multiplied, yet spurned it is not diminished.
It is as lusty as the rutting stag but chaste as the unicorn's pillow.
It comes alike to the king on his throne and the cutpurse in the market.
If you would have magic, place faith in love or nothing.
If we look at all our woes in this world and we try our mightiest to find the one solution, love might just be it. Is it realistic to set down the violence, injustice, anger, hate and pick up love instead? The words have rang out across the world for millennium and speak to me:
Martin Luther King called us out: "Loving Your Enemies." It’s so basic to me because it is a part of my basic philosophical and theological orientation—the whole idea of love…

Moments that change our lives...

Moments that change our lives... I am including a photograph of when I was on the western coast in the south of England. I have told many about the cave experience a mere moment in my life that changed absolutely everything. During this sojourn in the cave, much was revealed especially the path that I would take that led to ministry. You will notice the red rain suit and the bare feet. It was mid-January and before entering the cave it had been raining and hailing. Upon entering the cave the wind was so strong that it ruffled my rain suit with loud flapping. After descending to the deeper depths of the cave I realized that I would have to cross a pond in order to get to this radiant spot. I took off my shoes to be able to get better footing, but now I realize that it was because I was standing on hallowed ground... Known by the locals as Merlin's cave of transformation.

I pondered many questions in the cave: what would it take for me to get to the other side, what might I be leav…

What can we uncover...

What can we uncover in the dark? A dear friend of mine, Misty is a painter, a very creative soul. She has added this new way of painting to her artist's repertoire and she shared this piece with me and in turn, I am sharing it with you.

Recently, she/we lost a dear friend to Covid 19. Misty and I and many members of an online community that we are connected to are expressing our grief in various ways. I have turned to picking up my guitar once again and spending some time playing my ukelele whenever I get a free moment. What are the ways that we each create and share the light during dark times?

If you feel so called share your creative moments with one another as a way for our individual lights to combine as one to push back the fear and grief that may be creeping around the edges of our lives during this tragic time.

Stay safe and know that you are loved.

Rev. Marjorie

In the desert...

I read this today to get into the spirit of Passover, which is today, and I absolutely love it. Thank you to Cantor Lisa Levine.

Source of Blessing:
Our lives are in turmoil
our hearts heavy
help us to cope
with this modern plague
we are worried for our families,
we are concerned for our communities,
our world is on the brink.
           Bless us with strength. Source of Mercy: 
We pray for courage
to stay strong
for those in our care,
and for ourselves.
We pray for insight
to act in loving ways
to keep our communities safe.
            Bless us with strength. Source of Hope: We pray for those
who are at greatest risk
vulnerable and scared
isolated and lonely,
and for those heroes
leading on the front lines
who keep us alive and fed.
            Bless us with strength. Source of Life:
Throughout history
our people have faced plagues,
forced expulsions, slavery,
exile and extermination.
We have walked in narrow places
wandered many deserts
Sustain us now,
Bless us with strength.  Source of Lov…

Moment by moment...

Read the news, Think about you, Meditate, Pray, Zoom, Sleep, Read the news, Think about you, Read other stuff, Zoom, Meditate, Prepare, Think about you, Sleep, play with the dog, Zoom, Read, Yard Work (a form of meditation), Think about you, Sleep, Read the news, Pray, Think about you, Zoom, Work, Connect on Sunday, Think about you... rinse and repeat...

What do we fill our days with now? The planet has caused us to reset in a way... We now have this opportunity to seek real balance, without commuting or distraction, we have the time to live the life of our dreams. We could live the life of pastoral existence. On the farm life becomes simpler - sprout seeds - grow plants, learn about what it takes to be self-sufficient. We wanted to use fewer paper towels, fewer of everything really, to shop less, this is our opportunity. Step out of the race and into a place of calm... these moments that we are in right now may be the best ever... find that place of zen/calm/tao.

What will we make o…

How to connect...

Not that I could possibly be the Starwars sage, Yoda or anything but I would like to invite you to online tea or lunch this week! You can call or zoom in to share time together. This will be an open conversation, sharing unstructured time together. If you want to bring insight, some news, or humor you are more than welcome to share.

Tuesday 2:30pm - 3:30   Tea and conversation with Rev. Marjorie

Wednesday 12:00pm - 2:00   Lunch and conversation with Rev. Marjorie

Saturday 5:00 - 7:00pm   Building Your Own Theology (BYOT) I am sure there will be some eating going on there as well


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PRAYER FOR THOSE GATHERED IN WORSHIP Prayer for those Gathered in Worship Prayer for those Gathered in Worship  Prayer  By Barbara J Pescan In this familiar place, listen:
to the sounds of breathing, creaking chairs,
shuffling feet, clearing throats, and sighing all around
Know that each breath, movement, the glance
meant for you or intercepted
holds a life within it. These are signs
that we choose to be in this company
have things to say to each other
things not yet said but in each other's presence still
trembling behind our hearts' doors
these doors closed but unlocked
each silent thing waiting
on the threshold between unknowing and knowing,
between being hidden and being known. Find the silence among these people
and listen to it all—breathing, sighs,
movement, holding back—
hear the tears that have not yet reached their eyes
perhaps they are your own
hear also the laughter building deep where joy abides
despite everything.
Listen: rejoice. And say Amen.